Madeleine King

Madeleine King is a singer/songwriter whose music and personality form an instant bond with her audience. Her Midwestern roots and longtime California home base have found their way into her music, resulting in a mature, eclectic style. Madeleine’s original music covers a wide range, from soulful love songs to blues and jazz-infused, get-up-on-your-feet-and-dance tunes. Primarily a vocalist and guitarist, she also plays the mandolin and, when singing with children, has been known to blow a mean kazoo. Equally at home as a solo performer or in a full band, Madeleine has performed in venues ranging from intimate coffeehouse settings to large outdoor fairs and festivals to live radio programs.

Rick Meissner

Rick's musical story begins in a oversized reclining chair. It was the early 1960's in Northport, New York.   Sitting in that chair with his dad's chromatic harmonica, Rick improvised musical ramblings that, in his mind, were dramatic masterpieces. Inspired by the music he was exposed to in his childhood, classical, latin, rock, folk and blues, his muse came in through those armchair adventures. It was by chance that Rick received a guitar and fell in love with it's rhythm and melodic possibilities. At home on acoustic and electric guitar, Rick plays and writes music that comes from a variety of inspirations. Whether playing folk and bluegrass music or psychedelic rock and blues, you will hear the freshness and spontaneity that are at the root of Rick's playing.  


King & Ace's musical journey began with laughter and shared musical stories, and has continued in that vein ever since. One evening in the spring of 2012, Rick and Madeleine found themselves seated next to each other on bar stools in their sweet hometown hamlet of Fairfax, listening to some wonderful local musicians.  Chatting during the break, they quickly discovered a shared musical passion, and figured it might be fun to pick a few tunes together.  "A few tunes" led to a few more tunes and a few more tunes and voila!  Now they just can't get enough time for all the music they're cooking up! Any given evening of King & Ace music would be filled with a mix of original and cover songs. Their songs venture from the deeply personal to playful stories, from personal interpretations of classics, to covers of more obscure gems. Over the the years they've been performing at a variety of venues around the bay area and have added a great cast of musicians to their live shows. With a rock solid bass and drum rhythm section, harmony vocals, harmonica, and other guest musicians, the live shows really catch on fire. King & Ace love laying down their winning hand to share with folks.  Let the laughter continue!